This page presents a very supportive follow up evaluation of the Ski Control System from the national office of the Professional Ski Instructors of America by Mr. Max Lundberg, Manager PSIA Research and Development. Mr. Lundberg's evaluation is based on his review of the 1994 SCS student comments and then the follow up Thank You Letters and Market Survey that I mailed to him and to many other contacts in the ski industry in late July 1994.

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I have been extremely grateful for national PSIA's support during the development of the Ski Control System and I was most appreciative of Max's response to the public SCS comments I sent him.

I was of course delighted by Max's very positive acknowledgement of the "feelings of safety and security that comes from using the SCS" and his support for public use "and we are happy to see them using it".

I of course agree with Max that SCS use should be entirely voluntary based on each individual skier's desire for the additional control provided by the SCS control probes. The SCS is clearly most beneficial at the beginning and lower intermediate levels. The SCS design further facilitates voluntary use by being retractable. A skier can choose to have an SCS equipped ski, but ski most of the time with the SCS probes retracted. However whenever the skier desires additional control a) to more safely navigate a new or slightly steeper run b) to compensate for reduce muscle control near the end of the day or c) to provide stability under hard snow conditions, the SCS probes can be engaged to provide assistance. Advanced skiers and more aggressive skiers will likely be totally comfortable with conventional skis.

I was hopeful that national PSIA's strong acknowledgement of the benefits of the Ski Control System and support of the public's use of this new control technology would help encourage the ski industry to permit expanded public access to SCS equipped skis and encourage more PSIA ski schools to provide beginning SCS ski lessons.

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