This page presents a complete summary and a partial listing of1996 student comments from beginning ski lessons with SCS equipped skis at Heaven Ski Resort together with links to graphics images with the students' own handwritten comments. The 1996 SCS lessons were taught by Heavenly Ski School instructors Mr. Bob Haas and Mr. Dennis Nau during the period 2/6/96 through 4/15/96 under the direction of Mr. Mike Allen, Heavenly Ski School Director.

We are grateful to these fine ski instructors and their ski school director for this public evaluation of SCS equipped skis. The excellent results are a credit to the skill of these ski professionals who utilized the SCS as a teaching aid to promote confidence and skill development in these beginning students.

SUMMARY: The students taking beginning lessons with SCS equipped skis had the opportunity to ski with the SCS control probes engaged (to experience the combined effects of ski edge and SCS probe control) and with the SCS control probes retracted to experience the feel of conventional skis without supplemental SCS control. Halfway through the lesson the students took a break and the instructor asked then to fill out a comment card. The following is an example of one such card. 1996 Comment cards were received from 125 students who took 1st day beginning ski lessons at Heavenly using SCS equipped skis provided by Humphrey Engineering. In addition to written comments, the students were asked two Yes/No questions. As shown shown below

90% of the students indicated a desire to take more lessons with SCS equipped skis and 94% stated they would be interested in renting SCS equipped skis.

Comment Card Question Results

Would You be interested in additional SCS Lessons ?
YES 113 responses = 90% . . . NO = 12 responses = 10%

Would You be interested in renting SCS Skis ?
YES 117 responses = 94% . . . NO = 8 responses= 6%

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All these students indicated YES/YES for their interest in SCS lessons and in renting SCS skis. A graphical record of 24 student's comment cards is provided via links from the typed comments below to impress upon the reader that these are indeed real human beings who had a very favorable experience with SCS equipped skis and who shared their feelings in the form of very favorable comments.


Darrell Rosenberry: Much easier to control with probes down. (view comment card)

Wendy Avcoin: The System is excellent for beginners. (view comment card)

Joe Ray: The Ski control system , I feel was very valuable. It allowed me to experience the turns better.

Rhonda Sutherland: I think the skis are good for beginners. They helped a lot with not gaining too much speed which helped me concentrate on technique.

Dee Dee Celaya: The probes are really great for beginners. When the probe is engaged it really helps control. (view comment card)

Gary Hazlett: Could really tell a difference.

Debbie Harryman: Yes I like the skis [and] would like to keep trying them. great fun !! (view comment card)

Troy Guth: They really help build confidence. (view comment card)

Heidi Claub : Yes There is more control and it is easier to maintain your speed while learning on these skis. (Comment Card previously shown in summary above.)

Reggie Williams: They are very helpful to beginner skiers. (view comment card)

Janis Sheen: Bob is a good teacher - enjoyed it - Wouldn't ski without the probes. (view comment card)

Gayle Harrell: Small group worked very well. Ski probes very Helpful.

Nick Harell: They work good for learning.

Robert Sheen: Appreciate the special lessons. Ski system is good.

M. Moran: Loved Every Moment

Lori Batar: Very Helpful

Martin Brows: Great Lesson, Skis really helped my confidence.

Liz Brows: Thank you for your help.

Ed Janez: Great System for first time skier

Jim Anderson: Really helped with my confidence

Sharon Shulman: Better control when going downhill. Great Class- good teacher- Small group was Great.

Linda Rodriguez: Good confidence builder.

Keith Halverson: The SCS skis were a big help and enabled me to gain confidence. (view comment card)

Bill Eilbacher: Good training aid for 1st timers. Slows you down so you don't panic as quickly.

Romer M. Blanco: Great for beginners, it's not a slick as without them. Easy enough to use.

Laurie Hinchberger: Attaining the "ski balance" has been very difficult however I think the probes are a big help. (view comment card)

Don Frombarger: Excellent teaching tool - Helped to slow you down to think about what you need to do. Latch needs to be put more forward to make it easier to latch and unlatch. (view comment card)

Allen Laws: Helped in building confidence in my turns. (view comment card)

Jessica Davila: It gives me a sense of security and I did notice the difference. (view comment card)

Leslee Iskenderian: Bob changed [me] to a more confident ski. I did much better. I feel like the probes made all the difference in the world. (view comment card)

3/20/96 Private Lesson
Leslee Iskenderian: I really progressed due to the probe and Bob ! (view comment card)

3/26/96 Rob Crickmore: Definely very helpful - a noticeable difference (view comment card)

Mark Baderscher: I have only skied once. The skis helped out tremendously. (view comment card)

Jennifer Carrabine: They helped me get control of the speed. (view comment card)

3/29 & 30/96
James Wilson: Much more control. (view comment card)

Allen Walker: Dennis did a good job in making me feel at ease. The skis helped me feel more comfortable.

Ron Williams: Great Lesson, Dennis was fun and informative. The skis really helped.

Paye Martin: The SCS really helped. It made me feel more at ease. Thank you Dennis. (view comment card)

Wendy Wellman: Being a first time skier and very unstable on my skis, the SCS really helped. (view comment card)

Kathy Kim: Having skied once before and not enjoying it. The SCS made me feel more in control. Dennis made it fun and now I will ski more. (view comment card)

Gordon Reile: Good skis

Lisa Doherty: Very Supportive and Accomodating Teacher, Good Direction, Good Skis, Calming Effect.

Chris Reece: They're good, You have got good control over your balance and they are ease to put on and take off.

Antoinette Florentino: I think the system helped me a lot and I am glad to be part of the lesson. (view comment card)

Mike Aladian: We had a great teacher and good equipment.

Annette Mooran: The Ski Control System was thoroughly enjoyable. The latch on the probe at times seemed to be hard to operate.

Mary Ann Unzueta: Interested in an intermediate SCS lesson. (view comment card)

4/15/96 Trish Sawatzky: Very fun - I learned a lot that I didn't realize I was learning - WOW

Greg Sawatzky: I had my whole family ( 4 people) taking the lesson. For my wife especially, I think the control device helped.

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