This page presents a listing of 1993 ski season student comments from beginning ski lessons with SCS equipped skis at Heavenly Ski Resort together with links to graphics images with the students' own handwritten comments.

The 1993 SCS lessons at Heavenly were taught by Heavenly Ski School senior instructor and PSIA Examiner Mr. Steve Evenson during the period 3/18/93 through 4/24/93 under the direction of Mr. Jimmy Ackerson, Heavenly Ski School Director and Mr. Wade Peebles, Heavenly Assistant Ski School Director. This was the first season of SCS beginning lessons at Heavenly.

We are grateful to Mr. Evenson, Mr. Ackerson and Mr. Peebles for this public evaluation of SCS equipped skis. The excellent results are a credit to the skill of these ski professionals who utilized the SCS as a teaching aid to promote confidence and skill development in these beginning students. Please review some Highlights of Steve Evenson's resume.

The students taking beginning lessons with SCS equipped skis had the opportunity to ski with the SCS control probes engaged (to experience the combined effects of ski edge and SCS probe control) and with the SCS control probes retracted to experience the feel of conventional skis without supplemental SCS control. Halfway through the lesson the students took a break and the instructor asked then to fill out a comment card. The following is an example of one of the student comment cards.

1993 Comment cards such as this were received from 33 students who took 1st day beginning ski lessons at Heavenly using SCS equipped skis provided by Humphrey Engineering.


A graphical record of 12 student's comment cards is provided via links from the typed comments below to impress upon the reader that these are indeed real human beings who had a very favorable experience with SCS equipped skis and who shared their feelings in the form of very favorable comments.


3/25/93 (Snow Condition and Class Comments by Steve Evenson)

AM -Granular - SemiFirm - Good Effects in AM snow, was 1/2" to 1 1/2" granular. SCS helped in speed control and fulcrum.
PM- Snow as semifirm packed wet powder - a strange surface and very smooth. This condition was a saturated powder with frozen granular underneath - a very grippy surface. SCS had the most effect to date on this surface. Used SCS on steeper parts of Maggie's with visible effects. Retracted on flatter surfaces.

Tracy Lanier - The "Brakes" seems to really help when side stepping up a hill and definitely helped to slow down. I think this is a good system for beginners.

Doug Lanier - Never skied before, gave me much better control over the skis, more confidence. Great idea. (view comment card)

Brad Glazier - Easy to use (engage & Disengage). Does slow you down and allow for increased control. (view comment card)

4/7/93 (Snow Condition and Class Comments by Steve Evenson)

Frozen granular to transitional snow at 12:00 - SCS helped me move a class that would traditionally slowed down because one student was having unusual problems. SCS helped control his speed and gave him some confidence to continue in the class.

James Yong - Very helpful for novice skier.

Marji Mullins - Knowing the device was on the skis gave me the confidence I needed. I seemed to have more control when the device was down. If I were purchasing skis, my first pair would have this device if available. (view comment card)

Nathan Mullins - The device really helped me a lot in all the ways it should like in stopping and slowing down etc. My first skis I would buy would be these. I recommend these to all beginners and second time skiers. (view comment card)

Roberta Burroughs - This was my first time on skis and the device gave me more control over my skis. I felt confidence going downhill and turning at a speed I was able to control. (Roberta's comment card is presented in the introduction above.)


Shan Jubilado - When using the ski brakes there was a difference because I had more control with the brakes than without. (view comment card)

Sienna Fontaine - I found that when using the ski brakes you had more control over the speed and direction you were going. They're easy to use and very safe. (view comment card)

Yvonne Jubilado - The brakes on the skis do help with control and slowing down. (view comment card)


Nicole Raynard - The brakes made it easier to stop and helps control and slow down the skis. (view comment card)

4/14/93 (Snow Condition and Class Comments by Steve Evenson)

AM Frozen Granular, PM Deep Corn - This particular group had a split in ability and age. The 3 girls were age 14, Susan was in her late 30's. SCS allowed Susan to keep up with the younger students. The braking effect of SCS gave her the confidence to let her skis seek the fall-line in both straight and wedge turning. Today we instituted some video playback as additional feedback and possible promo video for SCS.

Jamie Hermann - I liked it a lot ! You had more control over the skis.

Jessica Morrison - The brake thing helps a lot ! if you don't want to go too fast. They're also a big help at turning and stopping. They make skiing much easier and more enjoyable. (view comment card)

Vida Fereydini (?) - Comparing regular skis to these new ones, the new ones are much easier to control. I like them very much. (view comment card)

Susan Napier - More Control with brake on.


Kristen Mc Mullen - Definitely the ski brakes slowed you down and helped you walk.

Rob David - It easy to manipulate. It slows me down on high curve. It good for beginners because I can see how the rest of team performs which is with better body posture. I will do good on this ski. Very good. (view comment card)

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